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Apivar Varria Control Pack of strips

Apivar is the only amitraz-based apiary product that treats several successive generations of varroa mites, reducing mite populations in the hive by up to 99%* in 1 application.

Apivar strips consist of only two components:

  • Amitraz, an acaricide, is the active ingredient in Apivar strips.
  • This active ingredient is delivered to the honey bees via the polymer strip, which is specially designed to constantly deliver the active ingredient via the surface of the strip after it is placed in the hive.

Apivar works by contact: the active ingredient is delivered continuously over time. As bees walk on the strip’s surface they pick up molecules of the active ingredient and then distribute them throughout the colony.

Apivar has been subject to a variety of stringent regulatory studies and evaluations and its high effectiveness was proven by various scientific trials in different countries, with a constant efficacy between 97 and 99% for more than 10 years.*

APIVAR - Miticide Strips

NEW 4 strip pack

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NEW 12 strip pack, 90 pk / 1080 strips per cart




NEW 60 strip pack, 18 pk / 1080 strips per carton

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Apivar applied to a bee hive
Apivar product bag
Apivar applied to a bee hive
Apivar product in beekepers pocket

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You need two strips per brood box.  It is important to maintain this dosage as it provides the necessary strip surface area to ensure that the bees are able to distribute enough active ingredient throughout the colony to provide optimum efficacy.

Group Ordering

Group Order Terms and Conditions.

A group order is where any number of people combine their orders to enter a better price bracket as shown on the prices page .

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The Apivar strips will be supplied in cartons of 1000 strips (100 sachets each containing 10 strips), and one part carton if necessary.

It is the participant’s responsibility to count out individual orders.

Individual orders of less than 100 strips will incur a $10 administration fee.

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